Caribou Hunting

With more than 36,000 in several herds across the island, Newfoundland is home to the southern most woodland caribou in the world. Although they migrate to a certain degree, they are not subjected to the massive migration of their northern cousins. 

With its mahogany coloured antlers and large, white manes; the woodland caribou is a beautiful animal that makes for a great mounting trophy. It is likely that you will encounter moose while hunting caribou; this is why most hunters choose to hunt both moose and caribou.  

Caribou will normally be out of velvet by the first week in September. The rut usually occurs during the first week of October and lasts until the end of the month. The success rate on caribou hunting normally runs between 80-95%. Caribou can be hunted with rifle, black powder or bow. Our rifle/bow season opens on the second Saturday in September and two weeks prior to this is for bow hunting only. 

A black bear license can be added to a caribou hunt for the cost of the tag. When a bear is harvested a trophy fee will apply.  


Caribou Fly Out Drop Camp Hunting Package Option 

We also offer a special add on package where we can fly you into a different camp location for a day/night trip as needed.  A  beautiful pristine Area approximately 30 miles from our other lodges that is densely populated with caribou. Once you complete your Caribou hunt we will pick you up by aircraft and return you to one of our main camps for the duration of stay/hunt depending on your chosen package. 

All hunts at the fly-in lodges are one-on-one guiding.