Bow Hunting

For hunters who are dedicated to the bow we offer a special two week period. Bow hunting season normally runs from late August to early September. Though it is open prior to the rifle season you can also bow hunt during rifle season as well. Hunters can hunt with a long bow, re-curve, or compound. Shot distances will vary within each stalk but on average it is between 15-30 yards. Bowhunting for moose during the rut may give you more opportunity for success because the bull is more receptive to the call.

Caribou hunting is also ideal for bow hunters. Adult males known as stags are usually by themselves which makes stalking much easier. During the rut, from early October to the end of the month, stalking becomes somewhat harder because the animals are herded together. Because our caribou are not subject to massive migration, if a bow hunter gets busted on a stalk they will likely get another chance on the same animal a short time later.

Bow hunting for black bear is one of the most challenging and rewarding hunts. Bears at our camp are incidental and hunted by spot and stalk method. Even with a lot of bow hunters stalking bears over the years, to date, only two have been taken by bow. One was a six yard shot with a re-curve and the other was a fifteen yard shot with a compound.

The hunting area around our camps change with every step you take. The cover can sometimes be too much in places while too little in others. This makes for a great hunting challenge. You can expect that your guide will get you as close as he possibly can without jeopardizing your hunt. The final stalk of 100 yards or less will usually rest on the bow hunter.